Private For Men Only...

Here's How To Unlock
The “Primal Sexual Being”
Hidden Inside Of Your Woman...
So She Is More Sensual... More Sexual...
And Wanting To Have Sex With You
All The Time!

Dear Friend,

Are you unhappy with the amount of sex you're getting now?

Is your woman is not as sexual as you want her to be? Are you tired of having to be the aggressor all the time? Or having her turn you down when you want sex?

Maybe you've tried bribing her with gifts... being more romantic... or doing nice things for her... but nothing seems to work...

Do you worry you could become that sex-once-a-year couple you swore you'd never be?

If so, don't get down on yourself... because it's NOT your fault.

Even in many new relationships, women aren't as sexual as we would like... and in a recent survey of long-term relationships, 78% of women complained of having a low sexual desire.

They love their partners... they want to be intimate with them... but they find themselves not in the mood for sex. Often even they don't know why!

Fortunately, there is a solution. There is a way to put intense, heart-pounding sexual energy into your relationship... whether you just started dating... or have been together for years!

So if you're serious about having the best sex humanely possible... turn off your cell phone, grab a beer, and make sure you read every word of this letter... because what I'm about to share with you is going to REVOLUTIONIZE the way you think about sex... FOREVER!

How much more exciting would your sex life life be if...

• You gave your partner an over-the-top orgasm every time you made love

• Your girl was the one initiating sex with you!

• You had deeper, more passionate, more connected sex... making your relationship more fulfilling and your girl more loving outside the bedroom

• Your girl had a rabid sexual appetite... she just couldn't get enough of your cock!

• Your girl swore up and down you were the BEST she ever had!

… Well It's About Time You Found Out!

My name is Marcus London. You may know me as an adult film star and director... or maybe you've seen my best-selling instructional program, Squirting Orgasm Mastery.


But what you might not know is I've personally helped dozens of men who were right where you are now turn their relationships from ice cold to RED HOT, passionate love-fests that would make teenage couples jealous!

It's all due to a breakthrough discovery I've made that allows you to unlock the primal, sexual being hidden deep inside of your women.

You see, no matter how “ice cold” your woman may seem to be now... I promise you...

Inside Of Her Is Passionate, Sexual Animal...
Just Waiting To Come Out!

Inside of her is a woman who is capable of having amazing orgasms... experiencing intense pleasures… and totally “letting go”...

Inside of her is a woman who longs to have the dream sex life she reads about in romance novels… who longs to please you... to succumb to your every desire...

I know this sounds hard to believe.

Maybe you haven't seen this side of your woman in awhile.

Maybe you've never seen it.

But friend, I assure you...

This woman is waiting inside of every woman…

It's just that unfortunately... no matter how long they are with a woman...

Most Men Will Never
Get To See That Side Of Her!

You see… bringing this side of a woman out is something the MAN has to do.

A woman can’t just “choose” to make it happen… she can’t just “turn it on” when the time is right.

It's the MAN'S job.

And most men don't know how...

A Dirty Secret
Most Women Won't Admit

After interviewing probably hundreds of men and women on the topic of sex, I discovered something very interesting...

When a man is with a woman for an extended amount of time... things often begin to slow down for her...

She stops thinking about sex...

She stops getting turned on...

… and pretty soon she doesn't want to have sex at all!

I call this state, “Sexually Dormant”!

A woman who is Sexually Dormant has found herself in a place where she has FORGOTTEN what it feels like to be SEXUALLY ALIVE.

It happens for any number of reasons...

… she gets busy with the kids... work... or around the house...

… she doesn't feel as attractive as she once did

… she becomes bored with the same old “routine” of sex

… or... she never really was into sex with the guy to begin with... and is done bothering to “fake it”!

If you're in a new relationship, it could also be because she hasn't had sex in awhile... or because the last guy she was with sucked in bed!

It's my estimate that 90% of all relationships end up with the woman being Sexually Dormant!

Unfortunately it's usually when a woman is Sexually Dormant that she starts thinking about leaving her man... or worse... cheating on him... even though HE didn't do anything to cause it!


How To “Snap” Your Girl
Into A State Of Desire

I'd like to share with you an email I received recently from one of my students...

“Marcus, I got your squirting program and it's great, my wife loved it. Even so, my wife makes me feel like I am an overly horney person for wanting sex a few times a week! It is making me feel very unneeded. I have talked to her about it, cleaned the house often, brought home flowers, and given her good massages. I am freash out of ideas. HELP!

John S."

I knew what John's problem was instantly...

While he was now giving his wife powerful orgasms... getting your girl to the NEXT LEVEL of sexual arousal requires more...

After being with over one thousand women, I've finally figured out there is not 1... but 3 unique things you must do to get her there.

I gave John the formula I'm about to share with you... and a few of my special techniques to try out...

Just 7 days later he wrote me back... to tell me his woman had totally transformed! And how even she couldn't believe how horny she was!

You see, a lot of the so-called “experts” say you can bring a woman to her peak sexual state with lots of foreplay... or with romantic gestures... or by talking to her about sex...

… but if you've tried that then you already know...

It's A Bunch Of B.S.!

I'm no doctor... but being an adult film star and director and having slept with over 1,000 women... I know a thing or two about great sex.

So if you want some psychological mumbo jumbo about having great sex from a guy who's probably never had a good piece of ass in his life – look elsewhere.

On the other hand... if you want the REAL, underground secrets to making your girl totally sexually devoted to you... and ready and willing to fulfill your every desire... then get excited... because I'm about to show you how to do all that and more...

This goes FAR BEYOND mere sexual arousal – it's a total transformation.

− She not only gains a new interest in sex... but begins initiating sex with you!

− She is bursting with PASSION in the bedroom... she gets wetter for you... is more orgasmic... and enjoys sex more than ever before!

− She wants to please you in any way you desire! She becomes a thrill-seeker... eager to try those wild things you were once nervous to bring up!

− She's in a good mood nearly all the time! No more nagging, complaining, or focusing on the bad. (In fact, most men report the only thing that puts her in a bad mood is NOT getting sex at least 3 times a week!)

− You feel closer, more connected, more intimate with her.... spending intimate time with you is now one of her top priorities as well!

In other words...

...She Literally Becomes A NEW WOMAN!

What I'm about to share with you is the 3-step formula I've been teaching my private coaching clients for the last several years... a formula of which guys have happily paid hundreds of dollars to get.

90% of them have told me following this formula instantly put white hot passion into their relationships... and once it was there, it was there to stay...

The 3 Keys To Unlocking Your Woman's
Inner Sexual Being... And Having The Best Sex Humanely Possible At Any Age!

Sex Key # 1)
Intense Penetration Orgasms

Hopefully you already know women need orgasms.

Imagine if you had sex without an orgasm. You'd get tired of that tease REAL fast!

But what many guys don't know is... in order for a woman to full “come out of her shell” sexually... she needs to have PENETRATION ORGASMS.

Penetration orgasms are different than the other types of orgasms she has... because they have a scientific function – bringing sperm upwards to the egg...

So, when you penetrate a woman, it sends a special signal to sexual core of her brain that a PENIS is inside of her... and it's time to have one of those “special” kinds of orgasms...

Because a woman's brain is programmed to WANT babies... it encourages her to have more penetration orgasms with a special “reward”...

Upon having a penetration orgasm, her brain releases a special chemical called, “oxytocin”... which...

… fills her ENTIRE BODY with waves of pleasure!

Scientists call this the “cuddle chemical”... because it actually makes a woman start to get addicted to the guy who gave her the orgasm!

In fact, just a few months ago, in January of 2012, scientists at the Department of Psychology at Bar-Ilan University, in Israel, performed a study that proved it...

Here's a quote directly from their report:

“higher levels of oxytocin — the hormone known as the “cuddle chemical,” which rises during breast-feeding, lovemaking and parent-child bonding — were associated with more emotional responsiveness between couples, and predicted which couples would stay together longer than others.”


Scientists actually say oxytocin is just as addicting as nicotine or heroin!

So give a woman penetration orgasms... and she becomes addicted to sex with you!

It's that simple.

Forget about getting sex once a week. She wants it AT LEAST once a day!

This is the reason why women who are “unlocked” actually get MOODY when you don't give them sex...

Talk about taking the power back!

Fortunately you don't have to be “huge” or even be able to last that long to give a woman a penetration orgasm. I've developed some powerful techniques that can give her one seconds after penetrating her!

Sex Key # 2)
Advanced Sexual Variety

Here's another way men and women are different, yet the same...

In a perfect world, we men would have a variety of partners.

Women want their variety in the form of EXPERIENCES.

She's more than happy with the same guy... just not the same exact sex...

Despite this... the BIGGEST mistake men in relationships make is falling into the same sequence every time!

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about... we've all been there.

Unfortunately a lack of variety is one of the FASTEST ways to get your woman to shut down...

If you want to unleash the wild side of your woman, it's important to surprise her with NEW routines constantly.

I've developed some amazing routines that are like NOTHING you've ever seen before – trust me on that! Yet they aren't too “over the top”... I've got a several “innocent” routines for you to use when you're first getting your girl back in the “zone”... and some flat-out NAUGHTY routines that will have your girl screaming like a minx!

The best part about these routines is they end with you giving her a penetration orgasm!

Sex Key # 3)
Endless Foreplay

You've probably heard the saying that a woman is like an oven, and needs to be “warmed up” before you go in...

Most guys hear this and think they need to spend longer warming her up in bed before the actual sex... and while that's fine if you want to get her warm... there is something else you need to do if you want to get her SIZZLING HOT!

… it's what I call, “Endless Foreplay”... and it's one of the most powerful techniques I've ever discovered.

Endless Foreplay is using simple tricks to get your girl horny and thinking sexual thoughts about you all day long...

It's about building up her anticipation up so high... even when you are NOT around her... that she drags you to the bedroom as soon as she sees you!

It's about getting her so worked up that she wants you to ravage her over and over and over! She's wetter and hungrier for you than ever before!

It's easy to do, once you know the secret... and when you combine Endless Foreplay with Penetration Orgasms, and Advanced Sexual Variety... watch out!

You really can turn her into a nymphomaniac that is thinking about sex with you ALL THE TIME.

Once you have the combination to this lock… she will be yours FOREVER.

Whenever you want her... however you want her.

If she's not your steady girlfriend or wife already... well, it doesn't matter...

No other man will even stand a chance. It’s not like another guy can come along and crack the code… and it’s not like she can tell him how...

This is the equivalent to having a “skeleton key” to a woman’s inner sexual being… and now, I want to show you how to get it...

Let's get right into it...

Incredible Sex Now!

Over the last year or so as my career has been shifting from Adult Film Star to Sex Coach and Instructor, I've been receiving more and more emails from guys complaining that their women aren't as sexual as they would like...

It opened my eyes to just how many men out there don't know the secrets to unlocking the inner sexual animal in a girl...

So finally, I decided to do something about it!

I decided to create a tell-all course that shows any guy exactly how to turn his woman into a the raving, sexual nympho she secretly longs to be.

And now, I'm excited to say it's finally ready!

The program is called, “Incredible Sex Now – Astonishing Secrets To Having The Best Sex Humanely Possible!”


In it, I show you my specific techniques for unlocking the 3 key areas of your woman's sexual being...

1. Intense Orgasms

2. Advanced Sexual Variety

3. Endless Foreplay

You may be familiar with my other course, “Squirting Orgasm Mastery”, where I show you how to give your girl a squirting orgasm.

I'm very proud of that course and the results guys have had with it... but let's face it: A squirting orgasm is just one small part of sex.

In my new Incredible Sex Now course, I show you everything else!

This course contains literally every secret I've discovered over the last 25 years of having sex with over 1000 women, both in my personal life and on camera. It's a complete education on how to make your girl's body pulsate with pleasure in a way that no other man on the planet can!

Best of all, you'll see every technique explicitly demonstrated by myself and my sexy female co-stars. This course is for ADULTS ONLY as nothing is left to the imagination! It's all recorded in High-Definition Video for you to watch as often as you like.

I released a few copies of this course to “beta testers” to get the bugs out... and the results they've had with it have been nothing short of extraordinary. Here's what just a few of them had to say:

"I love to see my girlfriend in ecstasy! I love to see her out of control and going beyond her normal sexual limits. Best of all I love the way she looks at me after sex, like she can't believe I just did that! Thanks Marcus this is the next level!”

~ Walt M., Dallas, TX

"I love the way it's now her who's the one always hounding me for sex! Not only is our sex life 100 times better, she's more affectionate outside the bedroom and always wanting to do nice things for me.”

~ John S., Pittsburg, PA

"Ohhh My God! This stuff works like crazy! You wouldn't know my woman and I have been together for all these years. We are now like sex-starved teenagers all over again!"

~ Thomas R., Bishop, CA

Isn't that amazing?

The information I reveal in this program will have even the coldest woman dragging you into the bedroom and begging you to give it to her. Here are just a few of the secrets you'll discover inside:

3 Positions For Maximum Penetration (If you've seen my adult videos you know I'm on the “smaller” side... but it makes no difference when you do these!)

• The 8 different kinds of female orgasms and how to give your girl each one! (Give her a different one each day... or several in one night to make her forget her own name!)

Libido Lift-Off! – How to get her sex drive just as high if not HIGHER than yours!

The elusive “Deep Spot Orgasm” – a BRAND NEW kind of orgasm that is one of the most intense things a woman's body can experience! (Warning: most women can only handle one Deep Spot Orgasm a night or they will literally pass out!)

• The kinky sex position that gives her a Deep Spot Orgasm almost every time!

The Orgasm DeVirginizer – A special sequence to use with a girl who thinks she can't have Penetration Orgasms that gets her cumming all over your cock, every time!

• A wild sex game that makes for HOURS of erotic fun

Tantalizing Text Messages – exact texts to send your girl at different hours of the day to make her mind swirl with sexual fantasies! (This keeps you on her mind as her thoughts get naughtier and naughtier... )

How to introduce handcuffs, restraints, whips... and anything your deviant heart desires in a way that gets her curious and excited to try them out

The Saucy 7 – 7 magic spots on her body and a specific order in which to touch them that makes her first shiver with anticipation... then squirm with excitement... then SCREAM as she cums all over your bed! (It's taken me a long time to figure out this sequence and you won't find it in any sex book or anywhere else!)

• How to get your girl to let you film you getting frisky... and how to do it in a way that looks HOT and makes her want to do it again!

• A special way to give her 3 different kinds of orgasms in one session!

Secrets of Multiple Orgasms – If you can get your girl to have one orgasm... then you can easily get her to 4, 5, even 10 orgasms using just this 1 naughty trick!

The Continuous Orgasm – a way to prolong the length of her orgasm that makes her feel like she is non-stop-cumming the entire sexual session! (This one is a MIND-BLOWER and I can't wait to share it with you!)

Gentle vs Rough Sex – how to tell what type of sex your girl is craving in order to give her the MOST pleasure possible

• New twists on “common” positions that triple the intensity – she actually feels like you are doing something BRAND NEW!

• How to STOP having sex out of obligation! (If you've fallen into the trap of having sex because you feel you have to then do this to snap out of that NOW before it ruins your relationship!)

The Ultimate Tongue Tease – a special way to use your tongue on her PG-rated parts that gets her wetter for you than anything you've ever imagined! (She'll know instantly you're a WORLD CLASS LOVER when you use this one)

Her Erogenous Zones Explained – I'll show you the best ways to touch each one and how to touch several at once to give her UNCONTROLLABLE pleasure!

• A magic kissing technique that makes every kiss you give her as electrifying as your very first kiss!

Let's take a short "breather." We'll get back to more of what this remarkable program will teach you in just a moment. But first, let's talk about why these secret sex techniques are so important.

Can you guess the biggest reason people leave their partners or commit adultery? It's very simple...

It's Because They Are
Bored With The Sex Life
They Have At Home!

But, after you go through this program there is no reason for you to ever be bored with your sex life again! Just to make sure you understand how true this statement is, following are a few more of the scorching secrets you will learn when you watch it:

• A special Oral Sex technique – stolen from a bi-sexual woman – that feels even better when done by a man!

The Euphoric Effect – A way to combine different skin sensations – touching, scratching, biting, and licking – that confuses her brain into having a mind-altering orgasm!

• My favorite “go-to” sex position when I want to be certain to give a woman an orgasm FAST

Secrets Of Endless Foreplay – How to use “sexual inception” to plant naughty thoughts of YOU in her head... to the point where she masturbates to thoughts of you when you're not around

• Simple phrases to say to her during sex to double the intensity of her orgasms! (A woman's most powerful sex organ is her MIND... use these to tap into itt!)

The One-Leg Wonder… magic position to use ONLY when she's on the verge to push her over the top!

• How to drive her absolutely CRAZY by withholding her orgasms (If you've ever wanted to make her BEG for you... here's how)

Erotic Massage Mastery – the different kinds of massages you can use to drive your girl into a SEXUAL FRENZY!

Your most powerful tool in the bedroom is YOUR VOICE. Here’s how to “talk dirty” in a way that turns a woman on FAST

The “Sexual Reset” – A psychological trick that brings back those “honeymoon” feelings and makes it feel like your very first time together!

Secrets Of Skin Sensitivity – several weird ways to touch her that women find quite to be addicting!

• My top secret Foot Massage technique! My secret way to make a woman MELT that I'm sharing now for the first time ever! (This technique alone is worth the price of the program... you've never heard a girl beg you for sex like this before!)

• Secrets to setting a SENSUAL mood that will have her pantries wet before you even touch her!

• The absolute BEST Sex Toy to get for her... gives her the most intense orgasms and is the most fun to use on her... but it won't replace your cock ;)

The Ice Cream Cone Secret – How to give her a different “flavor” of sex every single night... so it always feels BRAND NEW (use this to add new spice to your sex life no matter how long you've been together)

• An expensive, hypnotic bedroom accessory that makes your every touch feel like magic

• 3 kinky tricks that – when combined together – force your girl to have a unique orgasm she'll never forget!

A “taboo” secret many woman say is the hottest thing EVER (here's how to bring it into your bedroom for under $10)

• A simple sex accessory found in any kitchen that makes for HOURS of naughty fun!

A little-known way to activate ANIMAL PASSIONS in your partner using only your breathing!

Are you starting to get the idea there are some things about great sex you have been missing? If so, don't feel alone. 99% of the world's population is completely ignorant of these astonishing secrets.

But, you know what? I'm not finished yet... not by a long shot. Here are yet more of the secrets revealed in this amazing new program:

A secret 2-inch shift in body language that makes you feel 4 inches bigger inside of her!

• A special technique - stolen from the animal kingdom - that makes your woman's vagina TIGHTEN around you like a fist... then PULSATE RAPIDLY as she cums over and over and over again! (You'll want to use this one every night ;) )

The Ghost Touch – A magical technique that makes her the hair stand up on her skin as she gets wet for you INSTANTLY

• My 3 favorite “Routine Busters”! - These are 3 exact start-to-finish sex sequences you can copy to mix things up in the bedroom and AVOID relationship-killing “routine sex”

• How to mix pleasure and pain to give your girl the ULTIMATE euphoric sensation

Why you should WAIT before you touch a woman… and how to get her silently begging for it… so that when it finally does happen it feels like electricity running through her body

What women REALLY fantasize about in the bedroom… and how to make her feel comfortable with acting those fantasies out

• How to train a girl to please you, step-by-step… and shape your girl into the perfect sexual partner for you

A simple way to TRIPLE the intensity of her orgasms without requiring any special “techniques” or extra “stamina” from you

• A secret fantasy almost all women have but almost NONE will admit (She’ll be AMAZED that you know this…)

The 2 best places on a woman’s body to make that important “first touch”… if you want to turn her on the most…

• How to tune into a woman’s body during the act and increase her chances of having an orgasm by whispering to her (This one is REALLY powerful… you’ll learn it in 3 minutes… and you’ll use it every time you’re with a woman)

How to get a woman to see you as her “sexual trainer”… and BEG YOU to teach her new and exciting things


While Incredible Sex Now shows you how to experience unimaginable pleasure with a partner, I didn't want to leave the single guys out.

After all, being great in bed is just as important when you FIRST meet a girl as ever! So I've included a special section in this program featuring...

My Best Sex Secrets For The Single Man!

You'll learn:

How to develop a magnetic aura of SEXUAL POWER women feel when you walk into a room… and that turns a woman on when you are talking with her one-on-one

• A simple body language trick that tells her you're an experienced lover BEFORE you ever set foot in the bedroom!

• A KILLER technique you can use to give a woman a quick burst of sexual excitement… anytime you like… inside the bedroom or on a date (This is one of my personal favorites… and you’ll use it with every woman that you meet)

• A new way to start having sex – NOT missionary position – that makes her cum FAST! Taking the pressure off so the rest is all fun

• How to let her know you are an ANIMAL inside the bedroom that will ravish her the way she longs to be… setting off fiery passions within her that give her that “I must have him NOW” feeling

• A simple trick to eliminate the nervousness that causes “performance issues”... ensuring you have a SOLID STEEL ERECTION when it's time to perform... every time

An easy way any guy can add 10 or more minutes to his sexual stamina, instantly!

• How any man can make all of his erections last longer! (This is one of the most jealously guarded discoveries among us adult film stars, but I'm spilling the beans here)

• A male "pleasure trigger" accidentally discovered by medical doctors which... curbs premature ejaculation... and... increases the frequency and quality of male orgasms!

A special 30-second secret to increasing your animal attractiveness to the opposite sex

• The truth about male supplements – which ones to take and which ones can actually HURT your performance

Text messages that make a woman HORNY for you and turn things sexual FAST (use these after you meet her just once!)

• How to let a woman know that YOU know more about her body than SHE does… and make her want you to PROVE IT to her!

• My special “Standing Sex Positions” that let a woman know who's boss in a way she'll love

Pantry-Dropping secrets to use when you get a girl back to your place

• My special oral technique to use the very first time you go down on a girl that will make her head SPIN with pleasure! (She'll be dying to have you inside of her next!)

And much, much more!

Really mate, that’s just a small sample of what you’ll find in this course. There are 5 sections in it... each with full on, explicit video demonstrations of the techniques... and each designed to take your sex life to levels you never knew possible. I give you the exact super-detailed roadmap you need to unleash a side of your girl even she probably didn't know she had!


− never having to ask for sex again

− all of your fantasies acted out

− sex morning noon and night... whenever YOU want it

− white hot passion and desire for you

− Her wanting to service your every need

− morning bjs

− the sky is the limit!

Maybe most importantly... the thought of each other gives you butterflies again... every night is like the very first night you made love!

Even if you are already good in bed… you owe it to yourself to get this program… and learn how to create the type of passionate, animalistic sex life with your girl that very, very few men will ever know how to do…

I'm Also Throwing In
5 Very Special Bonus Reports!

>> Special Report #1: 7 Sinful Sex Tips

These are 7 little sex tips that may be too “taboo” for most people... only open this report after you've gotten girl in a VERY naughty mood!

>> Special Report #2: How to Get Your Girl to Have a Threesome

I’m gonna share with you the secret ways to get your girl curious and exciting about having a THREESOME! In fact, once you start using these exclusive secrets, she’s gonna think it was HER idea all along ;)

>> Special Report #3: How To Tease Your Girl Uncontrollably

Here's a special way to tease your girl that sends a powerful signal to her brain that she NEEDS to have you inside of her! Works just as well whether you've been with her a night or a decade!

>> Special Report #4: Re-Awaken Her Sex Drive

Was sex with your girl HOT and WILD in the beginning…and now really mundane and almost non-existent? In this report I show you a special “turnaround” technique that works like magic

>> Special Report #5: What Men Can Learn From Female Masturbation

Girls can be quite the confusing creatures… so I’m here to help clue you in on giving her the RIGHT kind of touch, based on how SHE does it herself!

Oh... AND if you ORDER NOW, I’ll also throw in an EXTRA DVD program featuring me performing some of my advanced sex techniques on my own wife, Devon Lee!

As HOT as our sex life is at home, it’s even hotter when we’re on camera. You’ll feel the heat coming off the screen when you watch me demonstrate my super-advanced positions for next-level sex. You'll also see me demonstrate my “Mind & Body Orgasm” in explicit detail, exactly as I do it at home with my own wife…and you’ll see firsthand just how intense – how CRAZY– your girl's orgasm will be when you do it properly!


Ok, Let's Wrap This Up...

Here's What You're Going To Get:

All the Incredible Sex Now DVDs

• The entire Incredible Sex Now program – over 6 hours of digitally recorded High-Definition video on 6 DVDs

• The special bonus video “Sex Secrets For The Single Man”

• A detailed track listing for quick access – Find and re-watch your favorite chapters over and over so you get the most out of the program

Total Retail Value: $499.95

When I release this program to the public, it's going to retail for $499.95.

I regularly have guys pay me $300 per hour for phone coaching, so as you can see, at that price it will still be a bargain.

But because you are a friend of Shawna's... and because I want to help you get this part of your life handled, I don’t want ANYTHING to stand in your way… including your financial situation.

So for this special product release, you're not gonna pay $499...

In fact, you're not even gonna pay half of that.

For this product release only, I’ve decided to price it at only $97!

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You can keep the Bonus “Sex Secrets For The Single Man DVD” as my thanks for giving it a fair try.

Listen mate, I've spent YEARS of my life figuring this stuff out... but I don't want you to have to do the same.

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Oh mate I almost forgot!

Because I want to make sure every guy who gets Incredible Sex Now experiences the same amazing results my coaching clients and I have had with these techniques, I'm going to be doing a special 4-Part Call-in Coaching Series just for friends of Shawna who get the program.

Each week there will be a special 90-minute time slot where you can call in and talk to me personally about any questions you have about the program... any individual problems you may be having... anything at all!

I've been doing this for a long time now and there's nothing I haven't seen... so if you have a unique situation let's work together to fix it! I'm in your corner and I won't be satisfied until you're having the great sex you deserve...

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